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Here are some of my thoughts and philosophies surrounding health, herbalism, and wellness, so that you can comfortably glean your compatibility and interest. 

First off, let's get one thing clear:

Herbalists are not doctors. 

Between you and me, I'd run in the opposite direction from any herbalist who claims that herbs operate as a substitution for Western Medicine. In a best case scenario, herbalism and Western Medicine are not at odds, but work in tandem to help each individual achieve a self-lead, highly personalized program that works best for them. An herbalist should never claim to know it all or claim to have all the answers. That's a big old, glaring red flag in my book.

Here's what herbalists can be:

  • allies in your health

  • open minded and often quite experienced clinical practitioners

  • a person who listens, and believes that what you say about how your body feels and responds is true in your body and mind

  • activists and agents of social change

  • someone for whom education never stops (a good herbalist never, ever stops learning!)


I can make informed recommendations and offer suggested tools and support, but I cannot diagnose you with any condition. However, I can give you more information and education to help inform the decisions you make for yourself.

Here is what I know to be true:


You can have the "best," most effective medicine in front of you, but if it doesn't work for you, and you can't find a way to integrate it into your daily life, it's not the best, most effective medicine. You've got to find solutions that work for your lifestyle, body, sensibility, values, and general trajectory. Restrictions aren't inhibiting. Restrictions make us more thoughtful, creative herbalists. 

Do you hate the taste of licorice so much that the very sound of its name sends you into a cold sweat? Then that's not the right medicine for you. Is it just too much to think about chugging a gallon of nettle long infusion every morning, despite knowing the benefits? That's absolutely fine, let's not start there!


Disclaimer / Just good info to have in your back pocket: There is no federal or state body that tests, licenses, or certifies herbalists. so, it follows that there is no official "Master Herbalist" or "certified herbalist" certification that means anything universally.

One can become a registered herbalist through the American Herbalists Guild.

As I accumulate the necessary number of hours of formal education, clinical experience, and case histories, I will begin this process,

If you are looking into beginning your formal herbal education, This list is a great place to start!  

I believe in a holistic approach to health, not a dogmatic one.

I examine the four pillars of health: Nutrition, sleep, movement, and stress. In addition, I always consider the underlying energetic constitution of each individual, and work to help them understand and synthesize this information into a pragmatic and approachable plan.

A holistic approach can look like:

  • looking at food as medicine, and recommending dietary changes, beginning with an elimination diet, or a series of smaller dietary interventions

  • treating herbal support as a tool to help address underlying imbalances, rather than a band-aid or a quick fix

  • providing herbal support alongside a client's preexisting medications

  • taking into consideration the demands and impact of one's profession

  • acknowledging the systemic inequity present in America's healthcare system

  • working within the parameters of harm reduction

  • a lack of judgement

  • simply providing access to information!


I want to help give you the tools to take your health into your own hands, not simply rely on me.


While I am happy to make custom herbal preparations for you, I also want to teach you to make them, often with herbs you may already have within your reach or be able to find at the grocery store. I tend to work with extremely safe (but highly effective) herbs that aren't particularly difficult to procure. 

Though I keep a large host of herbs on hand, many of which you may not yet be familiar with, some of my absolute favorites which I work with every day are:

  • ginger

  • sage

  • chamomile

  • thyme

  • garlic

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