Bottle of Intent

Bottle of Intent


A little bitter bottle with a big intention. Made with recycled glass bottles and recycled cork, if applicable. 


Current spells:


Protection - fallen slash pine and/or Chinese red pine, white wax

Love Yourself - tulsi (holy basil), rose, red metalic hearts, pink wax

Courage - angelica, yaupon leaf, gold metallic sequin, white wax

Cash Flow - Thyme, ginger, deep green metallic leaves, green wax

Cast Off - rosemary, black pepper, forest floor, prismatic sequin, black wax

Peace - lavender, wood betony, jasmine, white wax

Manifest - ash, lavender, blue sequin, pale orange wax

Clarity - sage, salt, white wax


While it's fairly clear to most of us how to use a bottle of intent, this is the internet, so I feel the need for a disclaimer: Do not eat the contents of this bottle! This is an object through which to focus your intent, not food or drink. 

Bottle of Intent