Wild Louisiana Yaupon

Wild Louisiana Yaupon


Meet Ilex vomitoria. Don't let the name put you off. This is North America's only native caffeine-contianing plant!


Cuvée Clementine - light / medium roast

Cuvée Jackie - medium / dark roast


A NOTE: It's our policy to harvest wild plants as sustainably as possible, even if this means a typical harvest takes about four to five hours, with great care not to take too much from any one tree. For that reason, we ask that you give us a three-day turn around time prior to shipping this product. To assure that you receive the best quality yaupon, and the trees stay happy and healthy, we harvest and wash each individual leaf by hand. This is a labor intensive process!  


While yaupon is not classified as an at-risk plant, we truly want it to stay that way! If you have any questions about which plants are endangered at this time, please refer to United Plant Savers.


We pledge to do our part watching over and wild stewarding Louisiana yaupon for seasons to come.