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  • Tea Friends

    Every month
    • 4 oz. jar of a surprise tea blend + a surprise good
    • info card + musings
    • mailed monthly
  • Clem's Sunday Pull

    Every month
    • My cat, Clem, picks a card for the collective experience.
    • Photo + write up emailed out every Sunday evening!

mint green cat

Sample Sunday Pull:

Hi everyone! I hope you've had a lovely week. Today, our darling Clementine has chosen the VI of Wands! A strong and optimistic card, the Rider-Waite-Smith deck shows us a man on horseback, riding victorious through an adoring crowd. 


Key words: Accomplishment, pride, public recognition, self confidence, accolades, admiration, triumph, enjoying the fruits of one's labor, issues of visibility/invisibility, perceived privilege or lack thereof, a need to check one's self and not rest on one's laurels or fall into the laziness of unwarranted egotism based on past recognition or reputation alone

Today's card is refreshingly simple after a long run of Queen Clembus drawing major arcana and whatnot. It's not a one-note card (of course, none of them are) but it's a little less catastrophic and arcane than what we've seen surface in the past month. It's been quite a month, too. With July's full Buck Moon underway, we've entered a brief moment of peace after a few days of positively cosmic emotional upheaval. Because this full moon fell between the 4th and the 5th, and House Jackie's had the kids here, we lit some sparklers and grilled in a private and altogether non-patriotic way. Over the past 24 hours, though, I've found a few key slivers of time to harvest some beautiful whole herb clusters and flowers, and craft them into burn bundles. Clementine didn't seem to mind the fireworks too much.

The VI of Wands has appeared to let us know that the good news from last week is still on its way, even if it hasn't become apparent to us, or we haven't seen the payoff yet. The immediate future will likely bring about a necessary burst of optimism, and some much deserved recognition for what you've been so diligently working on. And while it may not be monetary in nature, it's possible you'll be receiving some public acknowledgement, or at least a nod from someone whose opinion you truly value.


Another side of this card asks us to consider if perhaps we're already leaders or role models to others, but we're incapable of seeing it from our high vantage. While some of us may have come a long, long way, change often happens too slowly for us to realize how far we've come. Anyhow, we're never quite aware of who we are in another's eyes. While in our eyes we might just be another rider in the procession, to someone else, we're the figure in the center of the card. It's easy to sit on your high horse and not even realize you're up there. Others may really admire you without your knowing. 


On the other hand, maybe you've been up on this horse for a while now. Maybe this horse is your normal spot, and you're not considering your current station in life as a position of particular acclaim. But to another, especially someone without the tools to get to where you've gone, taking this for granted could look like an expression of privilege. 


Who's not in your line of sight? Who don't you meet along your way simply because of where you're going, and how you get there? Since our neighborhoods and work environments dictate who we see and in what contexts we interact with others, we miss a lot of faces and experiences completely. That's one of the reasons why community work is important. It grows connective tissue between neighborhoods, professions, circles. 


I'm hardly ever High Horse Guy in my mind, but recently I've been trying to account for the times when I may look like him, and not even realize it. It's my work to figure out how to take this into consideration, however uncomfortable it may be. Discomfort is not an excuse to remain in one's comfort zone. 


In the reversed position, the VI of Cups can indicate a fall from grace, especially a fall from the public's adoration or approval. I always consider a handful of reversed interpretations, too, because upright and reversed are two sides of the same coin. This interpretation resonates with me, especially. I like to think the upright position can also indicate a return to grace, especially the revealing of an important truth. It's not always "get off your high horse," sometimes it's "get back on your horse and hold your chin up!" And even if there's no grace to be had, you can keep on riding.


Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!


Lizzie and Clementine

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